002: How to Work with Kids with Trauma [with guest Tina Parham-Araujo, M.Ed., LCSW]


During this episode, we'll explore the challenges of working with kids who have experienced trauma. We'll also discuss some practical methods in dealing with these kids.

Joining in on this discussion, is our guest, Tina Parham-Araujo: 

Tina Parham-Araujo was born and raised in Indianapolis. She has two daughters, Dawn and Joy, and is the proud grandmother of Calvin Peter. She is a graduate of North Central High School (1972), Tennessee State University (1983) and received her masters in Consulting and Counseling Psychology from Harvard University in 1984. She is currently a home-based therapist for families in the Indianapolis area and is an LCSW and CSAYC. Tina is a member of Eastern Star Church and loves to watch Serena Williams play tennis in her spare time.

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