004: The Strong-Willed Child [with guest Bwana Clements, MSW]


During this episode, we discuss the strong-willed child. We explore some practical ways to successfully engage this type of child.

Joining in on this discussion is our guest, Bwana Clements:

Bwana Clements is an Indianapolis native and graduate of the famed Arsenal Tech High School. Raised in the home of a pastor, Bwana grew up in minstry. After working in the ranks for community agencies such as: Indianapolis Housing Agency and Citizens Health Center, Bwana went on to create his own agency. Urban Ministry was incorporated in 2002 with the sole purpose of reaching the most troubled and hard to reach youth of our community. His personable approach and keep it real approach to building relationships with youth makes him an instant favorite of youth in schools, churches and community agencies throughout the state of Indiana. 

Mr. Clements knows youth and families. He has build a well established brand throughout the community as a dynamic public speaker, school culture leader and therapist. He is especially motivated to advocate and champion the causes of the underserved. 

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