010: Thug Life [with guest Kareem Hines of NEW B.O.Y., Inc.]


During this episode, Kareem Hines and I discuss "Thug Life" and ways to reach this type of kid. We look at Kareem's journey from the streets of Harlem, New York to his current working with boys here in Indianapolis. 

Kareem says, "My connection to inner-city & at-risk youth stems from being a product of Harlem, NYC in the 70’s & 80’s. Families were torn apart by the heroin & crack academic. The only reason I'm alive and not in prison was because of various people in my life (non-family members) who took a vested interest in me and saw something in myself that I didn’t. Regardless of the programs I was involved in, it was the relationships that motivated me to “want more” out of life and empowered me with the vision to see & dream beyond the streets of Harlem."

Currently, Kareem is C.E.O. of New Bread of Youth, Inc., aka NEW B.O.Y. and works with some of the most vulnerable and challenging boys in Indianapolis. His kids are often on probation, expelled and have lost hope, however Mr. Hines' ability to relate and build rapport instills hope.

New Bread of Youth, Inc.

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