011: Dads [with guest Brian Carter, Director of Dads, Inc.]


During this episode, Brian Carter and I discuss what a good dad looks, acts and talks like. We explore the role of a dad in his daughter’s life, and the epidemic of absent fathers in both the urban and suburban communities.

Brian Carter is the Director of Dads Inc.  a support program for men and their families. Brian has directed Dads Inc. , a subsidiary of The Villages of Indiana of which he has been employed in various supervisory roles for 24 years. Brian also serves as Educator for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. Brian is a board member of The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition, Healthy Families Indianapolis and The Indianapolis Black Men’s Group. He facilitates All Pro Dad events throughout the Indianapolis area as well as Nurturing Father classes in the prison system. Brian holds a bachelor degree of Social Work from IU. Brian has a history of work in Juvenile Probation, detention and church youth administration.

Brian is a motivational speaker and private contractor. He has taught parenting classes for 12 years with such entities as: The Fathers and Families Center; The Church Federation of Indiana; and with countless church and community groups. Brian has a passion for Parents, Fathers, and Young people. His aim is to empower these populations through information and education.  

Website Links:

Dads, Inc.

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana

Dads, Inc. Facebook Page

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