016: ADHD [with guest Brendan Mahan, MEd., MS]


Brendan Mahan and I discuss, “ADHD” Brendan Mahan is an internationally recognized ADHD expert and the host of the ADHD Essentials podcast. Brendan will explain executive function, he’ll discuss some of the positives of having ADHD and explore some of the best ways to treat and manage ADHD. 

Brendan Mahan, MEd., MS, is a dynamic ADHD/Executive Function consultant, coach, and speaker. As a veteran educator, he is skilled at teaching people how to effectively manage the challenges they face. He loves to help people affected by ADHD troubleshoot, and redesign their lives in order to lessen the impact of the disorder.

An internationally recognized expert, highly engaging speaker, and host of the ADHD Essentials podcast, Brendan helps individuals, families and institutions address the emotional, academic and lifestyle impacts ADHD has on them. He gets ADHD because he has ADHD. (As well as a heck of a lot of experience and schooling!)

When meeting individually with clients, Brendan is caring, and understanding of the difficulties faced by those who suffer from ADHD, as well as the impact it has on those who love them. He sets realistic expectations, while encouraging his clients to strive to be 10% better.

In consultation, his interventions are well explained and targeted, while still being highly accessible and useful across multiple domains.  Brendan works with educational institutions, employment organizations, mental health agencies and parenting groups.

In his workshops, Brendan shares personal stories, case studies, various intervention techniques, and important insights with a liberal dose of humor and caring.  He trains schools from pre-K though college,

Brendan’s insights into the role ADHD plays in the lives of his clients, as well as his strategies for limiting the impact of the disorder, have benefited people from Massachusetts to California, and across the globe.

Brendan Mahan's Website: ADHD Essentials

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