017: Child Advocates: Guardian Ad Litem's & CASA's [with guest Adrienne Reed, MSW, LSW]


Adrienne Reed and I discuss, “Child Advocates: Guardian Ad Litem's, & CASA’s” Adrienne Reed is the Chief Recruitment and Outreach Officer for Child Advocates, Inc. During this episode, Adrienne will discuss the difference between Guardian Ad Litems & CASA’s, the mediation process that comes before the termination of parental rights, and how you can become a volunteer CASA.

Adrienne Reed is the Chief Recruitment and Outreach Officer at Child Advocates, Inc. She earned her Bachelors’ Degrees in Psychology and Sociology at Purdue University and later earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from IUPUI.  Adrienne started her professional career as a therapeutic foster care social worker at The Villages, then moved into the role of licensing and training therapeutic foster parents. Her work included doing home studies for adoptive parents and foster parents. Adrienne left the Villages after eight years and worked as a high school social worker and as a medical social worker part-time at Johnson Memorial Hospital. When offered the opportunity to work at Child Advocates in 2007 she eagerly accepted.  Adrienne served as a Guardian Ad Litem representing the best interest of abused and neglected children in Marion County for almost seven years before assuming the title of Chief Recruitment and Outreach Officer. She now oversees the communication and marketing department, data analysis, and outreach liaisons in order to effectively recruit and trains CASA Volunteers and with Child Advocates, Inc. 

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Contact Adrienne Reed: Adrienne@childadvocates.net

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