019: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work [with Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer, LCSW, CYC-P]


Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer and I discuss, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”. Jennifer Tackitt-Dorfmeyer is the Executive Director of Choices Coordinated Care Solutions. During this episode, Jennifer will define “wrap-around services” & “cross systems of care", she’ll talk about what it means to be “strength-based”, and Jennifer will discuss the challenges and successes of effective teams.

Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade and has had the following experiences largely in the field of child protection and welfare. Jennifer received her training as a social worker at the University of Indianapolis and then for her graduate degree at IUPUI School of Social work. Jennifer began her career with The Salvation Army working with those that have substance use disorders, then moved to the Indiana Department of Child Services. Her career there lasted 10 years, where Jennifer moved through the ranks beginning as Family Case Manager, Supervisor, Practice Consultant, Regional Manager, and finally Southern Executive Manager. During this time, she was able to lend her skills to teaching and taught for IUPUI School of Social Work’s graduate program.

In 2014, Jennifer began to explore working in the private sector and became a Program Director for a residential treatment center. This experience influenced her decision to merge her experiences into teaching a shared team-based practice in California. Jennifer contracted with Tricia Mosher Inc., as an Independent Child Welfare Coach and Consultantin Los Angeles County California.This entailed on-site training the Shared Core Practice Model which is a team-based approach to child protection and shared by residential treatment facilities to maintain consistent communication and practice. 

Jennifer is currently employed as the Executive Director of Choices Coordinated Care Solutions, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and serving most of the state of Indiana. Jennifer leads day-to-day operations for several Indiana programs within Choices, which includes Cross Systems of Care Coordination, Children’s Mental Health Initiative Wrap Around, Safety PIN, and the Choices Emergency Response Team. Care Coordination is the foundation of each, with populations ranging from youth in foster care, to adults with substance use disorders. 

Jennifer is a wife and mother of four girls and two granddaughters. Jennifer is active in her family and community never experiencing a dull moment!

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