021: Indiana Adoption Program [with guest Sherri Moore, Adoption Champion]


Sherri Moore and I discuss, “The Indiana Adoption Program” also known as SNAP. Sherri Moore is an Adoption Champion for the SNAP program as well as having adopted and fostered over 50 children herself. During this episode, Sherri will explain, What is the Indiana Adoption Program, she’ll talk about What it takes to get SNAP approved, and Sherri will also discuss her work as a volunteer CASA and the Every Child Symposium. 

Sherri Moore has been an Adoption Champion with the Indiana Adoption Program for almost 5 years. She was a foster parent for over 12 years, fostering over 50 children. She has been an educator and a mentor with foster parents throughout the state. Sherri is currently a CASA volunteer and is also on the leadership team that oversees the planning of the Every Child Symposium, an annual conference on how the community can surround the vulnerable children of Indiana. Prior to all of that, she worked for 20 years as a paramedic. 

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