026: Choices Foster Care Solutions [with guest Reba James, MSW]


Reba James and I discuss Choices Foster Care Solutions. Reba shares her remarkable journey with Indiana’s Department of Child Services, her successes and challenges of starting a foster care agency from scratch, and Reba encourages and explains how to become a licensed foster parent through Choices Foster Care Solutions.

Reba James has worked in the social work and helping profession for the past 35 years.  She has earned her Bachelor’s in Arts majoring in Psychology and holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, both from Indiana University.  Reba began her career at the Indiana Department of Public Welfare (now known as the Indiana Department of Child Services) as the front desk receptionist and held various positions within the agency including public assistance caseworker, child welfare caseworker, supervisor, regional manager, executive manager, and deputy director.  She spent the majority of those years working either directly with families or in a leadership position for those working with families.  Her last position at DCS was in central office supporting the field work.  

After 34 years at DCS, Reba accepted a position with Choices, an agency which provides various services, including wrap-around, to families and children in need.  She currently directs their new foster care program called Choices Foster Care Solutions. 

Reba’s passion throughout her career is helping children and families overcome challenges in their lives and gain success.  Her focus for the new foster care agency is to help youth in foster care maintain stable lives and to gain permanency through being reunited with their parents or adopted.

Contact Info:

Choices Foster Care Solutions

7941 Castleway Drive, Indianapolis, IN  46250




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