028: The Education System is Broken [with guest, author, speaker, trainer, Cathy S. Tooley]


Cathy S. Tooley and I will discuss what is really happening in our schools today, Charter Schools, standardized tests, and she offers some suggestions on how to fix our schools.

Cathy S. Tooley is the President and CEO of Tools for Success. Cathy is an Author/Consultant/ Trainer focusing on academic and professional trainings. She utilizes her strategies to learn and grow individuals, companies and schools. Additionally, the business offers an opportunity to hire an outstanding presenter and an exciting speaker to motivate, to educate, and to inspire any audience. Cathy Tooley is a dynamic presenter, an intuitive educator, and a collaborative consultant, who knows how to deliver innovative content.  Her consultations and presentations on a variety of topics impart practical information, humor and immediate results. Her presentations allow both individuals and companies to learn from themselves and from each other to maximize their results. 

Cathy Tooley's Website

Cathy Tooley's Book: The Education System is Broken

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