032: Dispelling the Myths of Fostering Teens [with guest, Jill Rippy]


Jill Rippy is a licensing coordinator at NYAP in South Bend, Indiana, she’s a foster parent and author of her blog, The Foster Life, and she’s part of the leadership team of IFAAP. During this episode, Jill and I will discuss the common Myths of Fostering Teens, resources available to those who foster teens, and ways in which foster parents can help teens transition into adulthood.

Jill Rippy is the proud mother of a couple dozen kids. She has two biological and many bonus children. Jill has been a foster mother for nearly a decade and is so proud of all of her children. 

Jill's passion for fostering began early in her teaching career when she decided it was time for her to be a part of the solution. When one of her students was removed from his family, it broke her heart that she couldn't take him home with her. Angry and determined, Jill began her foster licensure training the following weekend.

After a 12 year teaching career in Indianapolis, Jill's family relocated to Northern Indiana five years ago when her husband accepted a position at Notre Dame.

For the past five years, She has strived to serve the local foster community by maintaining foster support groups and creating community partnerships to help serve foster families. 

Jill also maintain a foster blog, The Foster Life, and manages several online support groups for the foster and local communities.

Jill strongly believes in connection and community. Jill and family also attend Michiana Community Church, who are huge foster-care advocates.

The Foster Life Blog

The Foster Life Facebook Page

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