037: Single Foster Fathers [with guest, Andre Porter]


Andre Porter is a single foster father and works in a school district with alternative students who have intensive mental health needs. During this episode, Mr. Porter and I discuss resistance for single foster fathers, we’ll talk about the challenges and successes of raising teen boys, and how we juggle career, personal life and home. 

Corporate America has afforded many valuable lessons for everyday living. Nothing is more fulling nor rewarding than being a part of nurturing young men and giving them the tools for success - Now and beyond Foster Care ! 

Only by Divine guidance can such a task be fulfilled.  In 1998, GOD told Andre Porter while house hunting " this home will be a Safe Haven for young men", later years GOD also spoke the words " although, he did not have a Father, I will use him to Father many".  Some 40 plus Foster Care Placements later, he deems every young man in his care as a top priority.  Insuring they are SAFE, COMFORTABLE and LOVED are the main components without compromise!

Working with Indiana Department of Corrections, Juvenile Probation, Indiana Department of Children Services, Warren School District, Mount Olive Church and the Department of Justice - having been exposed to support and resources that help place the "right youth in the right home (my home) " has proven beneficial.  

Nothing is more important than making sure we are making a difference in the lives of our children.  No excuses, make it happen ! 

Wishing he had the ability to support more youth in need of a home,  For whatever the reason, the demand continues to grow !

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